Matthew Brosseau sent this report in:

Superstars Results:

John Morrison beat DH Smith w/Natalya. As expected a HUGE pop when the Hart Dynasty came out.

Carlito and Rosa Mendez beat Kofi Kingston and Mickie James. Before the match Mickie was joking around with the ref
and put the hat that she was wearing on the ref’s head.

Dan Stephenson also sent this report in:

The first match of the night was David Hart Smith vs. John Morrison. The weird thing was that the SmackDown! commentary team was introduced first, so I am not sure if this is being taped for SmackDown! or not (they had the Superstars aprons on the ring). This was a pretty good match technically, especially for an opener. Surprisingly Morrison ended up winning.

Then they did the pyro and entrance taping for the show, and then introduced the Raw/Superstars commentators.

The second match was Kofi & Mickey James vs. Carlito & Rosa – Rosa pinned Mickey for the win I believe (I didn’t see the end here). This was taped for Superstars.

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