The Bella Twins

Finn Balor receives stem cell injection in his shoulder

WWE posted video on Monday of currently injured star Finn Balor receiving a stem cell injection to help regain tissue in the cartilage defect of his shoulder as Balor recovers from surgery last month to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder.

The Bella Twins on cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine

In conjunction with the impending series premiere of the Total Divas spin-off show, “Total Bellas” on E! that starts on October 6, The Bella Twins are on the cover of the latest issue of “Muscle and Fitness” magazine to promote the show. WWE COO Triple H posted the following on Twitter about the Bellas being on the cover:


  1. As a Christian, I am offended after reading this story. If God wants his shoulder to heal quickly, he would do so ON HIS TIME!!! Stem cells are fetuses and fetuses are actual people.

    Maybe I should take pieces of Finn Balor’s grandfather to get back the cartilage in my knee I lost playing four years of high school football.

    Disclaimer: It’s satire. Relax.

  2. Well executed, coming from a pastor. I appreciate good satire. 🙂

    While I can’t say I’m supportive of embryonic stem cells, there are thankfully other sources, and I’ve had some friends who’ve benefited from stem cell injections. I’m amazed at how far medical science has come just in my lifetime.

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