Slam Wrestling has an interview up with WWE star Cody Rhodes. Here are some of the highlights.

On wrestling in Calgary this Monday night for Raw:
“Calgary is rich with its wrestling heritage,” says Rhodes. “We get booed out of a lot of buildings, but maybe this is one of those places that has a soft spot for us.”

On preferring to wrestle as a heel in WWE:
“We were doing a show in Bethlehem, Pa., and we looked out into the crowd. All these young kids had on their John Cena shirts, but all their mothers were wearing Legacy shirts. Personally, I think that it’s much more fun being disliked. The crowd wants to see us get the five-knuckle shuffle or the world’s strongest slam. The bad guys are actually the nicest guys in the world because we’re always going to give you what you want.”

If he could ever be a babyface right now:
“No. There’s no front I can put on it. I’m a jerk. I’m rough around the edges. If a kid comes up to you and asks you to sign something, you can never say no. But older fans who get in the wrestlers’ faces, well … that’s another story. The truth is, in the position we are as bad guys, it’s easier to deal with those fans. Once the curtains open, the spotlight is on and the music hits … that just feeds you. It would be horrible if you walked through that curtain and heard nothing. We get booed out of every building.”

On his father Dusty Rhodes not wanting him to be a wrestler:
“He didn’t want me anywhere near wrestling. But then he’d wake me up at 6 a.m. and take me along to a show in Macon, Ga. It’s been a real odd progression. I was 15 years old and he had a school, Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling. He’d let me ref, but he didn’t want me wrestling. Even today, he tells me I should be a writer or an actor. I think that’s where some second- and third-generation wrestlers go wrong. It’s more responsibility than a burden. I can’t go out there and be Dusty Rhodes or a mini Goldust. I’ll be whatever Cody Rhodes turns out to be. Dean Malenko told me, ‘You’ll do well as long as you do nothing your dad ever did.'”

To check out the full interview, click here.

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