Recap of Kane on UK Sky Sports TV

Chris Kelly sent this in:

WWE Superstar Kane was interviewed here in the UK on Sky Sports news to promote this months SummerSlam and the November “Undertaker’s Rest in Peace” Tour. As well as promoting the shows he answered questions sent into the show by viewers.

One fan sent in the question, “Who is the most respected wrestler in the locker-room” to which Kane answered Undertaker. He put over Taker as the guy that helped him when he first started in the WWF (at the time) and the man who helps the younger wrestlers.

Another emailer asked Kane how he got into the WWE and how someone can get into the WWE now a days. He answered by saying that back when he was hired, you have to go though smaller territories, but now WWE has schools and developmental places (aka FCW) that wrestlers go to.

He said that Hulk Hogn was his icon when he was younger and that everyone back then wanted to be the Hulk. His dream opponent (past or present) would have been Andre The Giant as he was a true monster.

Kane said his favorite match ever was against Stone Cold Steve Austin because he won the world title and that is every single wrestlers dream.

On injuries due to wrestling, Kane said he has been very lucky as he has only suffers a broke hand and a few arm injuries but nothing “major.”

He talked about retiring saying that he feels fine at the moment and that he will only retire when his body tells him it’s time.

Regarding his mask and possible wearing it again, Kane said, “Never say never in the WWE.”

On his plans for SummerSlam he said that he is currently in a feud with The Great Khail and they might end up fighting at the PPV.

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