The New York Post is featuring an article with an official statement from WWE responding to recent allegations about Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) and her second 60 day suspension from the company for violating the wellness policy.

The article referenced comments from Paige’s family claiming she did not fail a drug test and instead tested positive for painkillers that she was prescribed to help treat her current neck problems. Her family also alleged she was not receiving proper medical care.

WWE, in responding to the allegations, issued this statement.

“Saraya-Jade Bevis tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug. In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury.”

We reported yesterday that Paige had issued a series of tweets responding to news about her second suspension where she stated “rules apply depending on your status.”


  1. Wouldn’t it be more “a second suspension (60 days)?” The way it reads it sounds like she’s had two 60 days as opposed to a 30 day and a (now) 60 day.

  2. The way I see, Paige is trying to get her fans to believe that the WWE is trying to railroad her with these suspensions. It seems to me that if the WWE wanted to be rid of her, they could just release her or send her home to ride out her contract, since I’m sure she’s on the lower end of the WWE’s pay scale.

  3. an “illegal substance” doesn’t necessarily mean cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc… it could mean nyquil, tylenol, sore throat lozenges, etc. those tests will find EVERYTHING, and if you didn’t clear it with the wwe first, you’re screwed (unless you’re one of their top stars, then you can do whatever drug you want).

  4. If it was one of those I reckon WWE would’ve said banned, not illegal, their lawyers would’ve made sure of it. And your comment about stars doesn’t hold up either when you consider other bans that have been handed out in the past.

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