WWE issues statement on the passing of Frenchy Martin (Jean Gagné), the former manager of Dino Bravo

Frenchy Martin

WWE.com issued a statement on Friday evening commenting on the passing of former manager Frenchy Martin (Jean Gagné).

Gagné passed away on Friday morning at the age of 69.

“Though he began his WWE career as a competitor, Martin is best remembered for his time as the manager of the mighty Dino Bravo. Donning a brash monocle and a sequined beret, Martin helped his fellow French Canadian find success in 1987, while enraging American fans by carrying around a sign that read “USA Is Not OK.” Martin’s ringside antics made him a memorable face of WWE in the late ’80s despite a relatively brief run. WWE extends its condolences to Gagné’s family, friends and fans.”

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