Chicago Cubs

WWE sends championship belt to the Chicago Cubs

WWE announced on Thursday that they would be sending a custom WWE World Championship to the Chicago Cubs after they won the World Series on Wednesday night.

Triple H tweeted out the following to the Cubs on Thursday morning.

The Undertaker’s return to Smackdown confirmed by WWE

As reported yesterday, WWE has confirmed that The Undertaker will be appearing on the upcoming 900th episode of Smackdown on November 15 in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

WWE has already been promoting Undertaker as part of the names scheduled for the show, but are now officially advertising him for the upcoming television taping.


  1. The Undertaker is one of the most respected men not just in WWE but all of the wrestling Industry. He can hobble out there with one arm but his list of accomplishments, his unselfish nature and work ethic are enough for me to stand up and applaud him and be in awe of the impact he has made.

  2. Very well said. On another thread, this “Cenalife” guy thought Drew Galloway’s name in WWE was Drew Mcguillicutty. Just another school age kid who probably isn’t even old enough to do long division yet who thinks John Cena is the be all & end all of wrestling. That he would actually bash The Undertaker, after all he’s meant & done for WWE, says all you need to know about him.

  3. That “guy who walks with a cane” is a 32 year veteran of pro wrestling; 26 of which he’s given to WWE and has been one of, if not THE, most respected wrestler in its history. Any true wrestling fan recognizes this and as for what he can do, he still electrifies crowds just by his presence even after all these years. At his age & long list of serious injuries, he’s also still a decent wrestler as well.

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