WWE Roadblock PPV

The official Twitter account for the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh revealed that Kevin Owens would be defending the WWE Universal Championship against WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns in the main event at the upcoming WWE Roadblock PPV on December 18.

WWE has yet to officially confirm the match as of late Friday night.

You can check out the tweet below advertising the match.


  1. How are you gonna have 2 PPVs in the same year with the same name? And Roadblock to what? At least before the name made sense. WWE makes some really terrible decisions sometimes. I guess you can get away with that when you monopolize an industry.

  2. To answer your first question, WWE did it from 1995-1998 with In Your House. They just added then changed the subtitle. A few they used were Rock Bottom, Cold Day in Hell, Revenge of the Taker, Degeneration X and International Incident. They were held in the months between the Big 4. The full name the December’s Raw only PPV is Roadblock: End of the Line. To answer your second question, It’s a Roadblock to Royal Rumble and the chance at headlining Wrestlemania that comes with a win there.

  3. Does that mean that the winner will unify both championships or at least hold both titles? If so then this is a bad idea since there will be less championships to be defended. In addition, the ending is very obvious for this match; either Roman will win or KO through interference, shenanigans, DQ, etc.
    Also, who will Rollins be facing then? Don’t tell me he will be facing Jericho AGAIN? He could be facing Rusev but I don’t see a proper build up. Things seem so messed up.

  4. I can’t wait until a year or so when they try to unify the Universal title and the world heavyweight championship together and call it some stupid name like the world heavyweight universal champion and go back to one brand like they did in the past.

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