Hulk Hogan

TMZ Sports is featuring an article with comments from Brooke Hogan teasing that her father, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, could be returning to WWE next year.

Brooke revealed that “people have been calling him…for WrestleMania” when asked about the possibility of Hogan ever making a return to the company.

WWE officially parted ways with Hogan in July of 2015 after comments from a sex tape featuring the wrestling legend saw him use a series of racial slurs. WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque stated a few months later that he was open to Hogan making a return to the company, but that it would ultimately take some time.


  1. Between him and Dwayney boy, how lucky are we… We will have only 3 matches at wrestlemania: One Reigns, one Cena, one Bella to make the crowd happy.

  2. I mean…he was able to murder Gawker Media and Nick Trenton. To me that makes me happy. Plus if he just comes out to hype the crowd for 10 minutes im ok with that.

  3. He also helped murder WCW and has TNA on life support so that made Vince happy. By murdering Gawker at least Hogan finally killed a company that deserved it.

  4. Do you think it’s mostly just a portion of the IWC that feels this way because the ratings from the episodes (and the pops) and the PPV and network revenue seems to show that Hogan and Dwayne are very welcomed when they come back and the majority are super excited to have them involved. Just curious everyone’s thoughts?

    It does seem bringing them back is a smart move for Vince financially and based on the pops in the arenas.

  5. They can say Hogan killed TNA also, but their highest ratings occurred when he was there. I believe they got a 1.4 on a live Impact shortly after he arrived. Plus, Dixie agreed to pay him ( and his talentless daughter), so you can’t really blame Hogan.

  6. …many also said (most notably Mick Foley) that while they were there, 2009 was their first highly profitable year (everyone was excited he noted, including Dixie and team, about the kind of profit they were seeing) and 2010 was also said to be profitable although less so due to their spending. These were also the first Hogan years and it seems backed up by the fact that they were able to bring so many people (at hefty salaries) to the table (even above Panda’s earlier help) and I read that Spike paid some of Hogan’s salary. In fact, I also read that Panda agreed to support until they turned a profit and this seems to line up to when we stopped hearing Panda’s name associated with TNA.

    If you look at TNA then, they were doing a lot of road work (even if the North America attendance figures were typical 1000 or less, the UK one’s apparently brought in massive revenue at 5000-7000 attendees each show), which also meant solid merch. sales, they were on Spike and getting much more revenue share, it was when they inked most of their International deals, they were doing PPV’s that were said to be at least turning some profit, and they were getting a lot of licensing deals and even sponsor deals…so I agree, although Hogan and the money they spent bringing in major talent can be perhaps blamed now for their money woe’s, at the time, I do believe the established Talent acquisitions resulted in way more revenue then they are seeing today…and more public interest.

    The proof of that (public interest part) is in the posts on ICW. The only ones today about TNA that seem to get traction and have any amount of comments are the ones about TNA’s challenges and not the ones about positive news or show results.

  7. Well put, can’t disagree with any of that. But I still would watch and follow their product if I could, but honestly they have made it virtually impossible. All shows are pre-taped months in advance, pop tv is in the more expensive tier of my cable provider, they can’t afford to do house shows anymore ( which I used to attend), and their PPVs are priced out of the market for a relatively small company ($39.99 is repulsive).

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