ESPN 30 for 30

ESPN 30 for 30 to profile the XFL

ESPN announced in a press release on Thursday that ESPN Films would be producing a new “30 for 30” documentary about the XFL pro football league created by Vince McMahon and NBC’s Dick Ebersol back in 2001. It will premiere on ESPN on February 9.

Hulk Hogan addresses TMZ story

Nick Hausman passed along this recap of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan on Eric Bischoff’s “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast addressing a story by TMZ Sports earlier this week featuring his daughter Brooke stating he was getting calls from WWE about a possible return at WrestleMania next year in Orlando.

“I know if I don’t bring it up nobody will. So anyway, Brooke’s running around on TMZ and made the statement about me and wrestling and WrestleMania. For the record, she needs the big boot to the head. I haven’t talked to anybody about WrestleMania. I just need to put that to rest. I asked Brooke, ‘What are you doing?’ She goes, ‘Oh, well, I’m just starting it up.’ I said, ‘Thanks Brooke.’ It was kind of funny. I said, ‘No harm. No foul.’ It was all in good fun.”

James Ellsworth on WWE experience

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling passed along a recap of James Ellsworth talking about his current experience with WWE and being part of Smackdown Live.

“Right now I’ve been showing up every week for the last (probably four weeks) and we are not done yet.  I guess I can say that but it’s amazing and everyday like you said earlier I have to stop and pinch myself and make sure it is real because this is literally my dream come true right before my eyes. If anybody out there has a dream go after it because I am living proof that it can happen. I don’t look like the typical WWE guy at all, I am not the blueprint for what they look for but I just kept wrestling and kept fighting and kept scratching and crawling and did I think any of this would ever happen? No. But did I give up on it? No and this would have never happened if I just said I am not going to make it there and I’m going to quit trying and you can’t quit trying.”