Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon under consideration for Trump White House

The Daily Star in the UK is reporting that former WWE CEO Linda McMahon is rumored to be under consideration as part of the Commerce Department in Donald Trump’s White House cabinet. The McMahon family donated $7 million to Trump’s campaign.

McMahon issued this tweet late on election night earlier this week.

Wrongful death lawsuits against WWE dropped

U.S. District Judge Vanessa Bryant dismissed two wrongful death lawsuits filed against WWE on Thursday regarding Matt “Doink the Clown” Osbourne and Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frazier. Osbourne passed away in 2013 from an accidental opiate overdose, while Frazier passed away in 2014 from a heart attack. The same lawsuits claimed both men suffered brain injuries (CTE) while working for WWE that led to early deaths. The judge ruled that neither case could provide facts that CTE was a factor.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online


  1. Wow, I guess Linda found her way into government service after all. Yet we’re still going to be stuck in the PG Era. 🙁

  2. 1.) Is Linda McMahon a democrat or republican?


    In 2008, all three presidential hopefuls aired pre-taped addresses on WWE Raw.
    These were videos that were shown on the TitanTron in the arena, as
    well as to the home audience, allowing the live crowd to hoot and holler
    all they wanted as John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all
    stumbled through references that they clearly didn’t get.

    It was pandering at its finest, but it guaranteed WWE would be able
    to claim the president had appeared on Raw in an election year. Vince
    McMahon is nothing if not able to recognize and seize an opportunity.
    The pre-taped messages were probably just as awkward for the candidates to record as they were for wrestling fans to watch.

  3. Linda ran for congress as a Republican in Connecticut, a futile campaign she lost twice.

    Actually I saw it as a compliment that the candidates for U.S. president would appear on Raw. It means they saw wrestling fans as a voting bloc worth tapping into and (hopefully) not a bunch of dumb rubes to be ignored. Didn’t matter to me since I didn’t vote for any of them. And yes, it was awkward all ’round to listen to their dopey pandering.

  4. True, and everyone knows Clinton and Trump are fans of WWE, and the company got millions of young people to vote for them.

  5. I don’t know about Hillary but Trump has had business dealings with WWF/E & Vince McMahon dating back 3 decades to Wrestlemania 4 and probably even before that. Vince even contributed $7 million to Trump’s recent presidential campaign.

  6. was that the same amount money that dropped from the ceiling and fans caught it on WWE RAW (2007 and 2009) or WrestleMania 23?

  7. Heh, don’t know but according to sources it was real money that Trump himself gave up. What really makes me sick was I had a chance to go to that show in Dallas because I was living in the area back then but because WWE was so abhorrently bad at the time I chose not to; which was the first live WWE show in a long time I chose not to attend. I no longer thought WWE live shows were worth the money but had I gone to that one it would’ve paid for itself. I was kicking myself the rest of that week for at least missing out on that particular Raw. 🙁

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