Ashley Massaro

The Boston Globe is featuring an article noting that former WWE star Ashley Massaro has joined a lawsuit against the WWE (made on November 9) joining 52 other former talents alleging that the company concealed the dangers of repetitive head injuries.

Massaro’s involvement with the lawsuit against WWE is even more interesting as she claims she was sexually assaulted at a U.S. military base during a trip to Kuwait in 2006 representing WWE to visit with American troops.

Massaro was examined by a WWE physician upon her return from Kuwait and alleges the doctor reported the incident to WWE executives who met with her to “apologize for their negligence, but (they) persuaded her that it would be best not to report it to appropriate authorities.” She also alleges she has suffered several concussions, including one that left her unconscious for five minutes in the ring and claims no care was provided afterwards in that she was told to “shake it off.” Massaro, 37, claims she has undergone “debilitating behavioral changes” since leaving WWE including developing a drug addiction that WWE offered to help treat back in 2010. She alleges she suffers from depression, anxiety, memory loss and migraine headaches – all of which are associated with CTE.