Scott Dargis of NBC Sports is featuring an interview with Bill Goldberg where he talks about his training preparation for Survivor Series this Sunday in Toronto.

“Man I’ve trained three times a day, three days a week and then two times a day the remaining four days a week. I haven’t had a day off. The problem is that you’re trying to accomplish 50 things at once and it’s just not physically possible to give yourself the proper time to recuperate after all of these workouts. You know, I felt the ill effects of that when I tripped in the ring during my second appearance. I realized that I hadn’t had a day off in six weeks and I trained legs two days before that. It’s a logical explanation you know, but it’s a conundrum that’s quite difficult. You want to use your time wisely, but there’s only so much that you can shove in at one time and it becomes counterproductive. You become hurt and you’re exhausted. I’ve felt that over the past couple weeks”

Goldberg also revealed he tweaked his shoulder on RAW this past Monday night.

“My body feels horrible. I tweaked my shoulder last night [on Raw], but that doesn’t mean in five days that I’m not going to come out kicking ass and taking names like I always do.”


  1. Oldberg is about 20 years too late. He should take after Brock & start doing 1ml plunges into his backside.

  2. Will be interresting to see how wwe plays this one out, if they put Goldberg over in this one ill be suprised. Brock ended Undertakers streak, my guess is that he will or should easily put down Goldberg too. Also strange ? that wwe uses Goldberg’s old fotos in this push…his body is obviously not the same

  3. 20 years to late? He barely debuted 20 years ago. He just retired closer to 10 years ago than 20. I do agree it’s too late if he was in it for more than one match but he has basically said it’s his only match so I guess as long as he doesn’t embarrass himself, the timing is right from his perspective. Just IMO!

  4. I thought the same but watch the video from this week’s confrontation, he is in unbelievable shape for his age and not that much off from years ago.

  5. my hunch is that lesnar wins this one, and then they have the tie-breaker at wrestlemania, in which they send goldberg off into retirement land with a final victory.

  6. Oh you mean how WWE hyped Cena vs. The Rock once in a life time. Then there was the next year same match. I see more Brock wins, tie breaker at Wrestlemania. I see them both in the Royal Rumble, taking each other out and going from there.

  7. Personally, I think the difference is Rocky was in shape to make that happen(and younger), I don’t think Goldberg could pull that stretch off and may be wrong but see this as a one-off where I think when people saw how ring-ready Rock was most knew it would be more than a one-time return (plus, Rock was saying how he was back for the long haul as Cena even commented on how he say’d that but disappear so I think they all knew and we figured out quickly it was a fued)

    Goldberg called this a one-off and even said he only has one big match left and even used the tagline “you’re last” in a way that implied one last match.

    Could be wrong but I don’t mean “how WWE hyped…in comparing this stint with Goldberg. If he pulls this off (even in losing to Brock) I think that’ll be it…but if he pulls it off, and wants a fued with Brock, all good with me.

  8. In other words, I’m not all too confident Goldberg could pull off 3 matches like that at this point, and especially with Brock!

  9. Knowing WWE they’ll just even the odds and have Brock Lesnar win by any means necessary. If Goldberg didn’t show up at the Survivor Series I wouldn’t be disappointed because he has nothing left to prove to me but I still respect him if he wants to continue and have his match with Lesnar.

  10. Why not? What’s better than seeing two of the worst in ring performers the business has ever seen wrestle eachother? They were 2 trick ponies when they were in their prime, now its just sad.

  11. There is also a rumor floating around that HHH will face Shane for control of Smackdown and Kurt Angle will return to cheat Brock so Goldberg can win this one. Who knows with rumors tho because they are just that and who knows who starts them 🙂

  12. if he’s doing training does this mean the match is planned to last longer than the time it takes him to get to the ring, for once?

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