Golberg defeated Brock Lesnar

Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar in one minute and 26 seconds!

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Goldberg

JoJo does the introductions in the ring. There are massive “Goldberg” chants from the crowd. Brock Lesnar is resoundingly booed.

They go face-to-face at the sound of the bell. Lesnar immediately powers him to the corner, but Goldberg just as quickly shoves him down. Lesnar is stunned. Lesnar gets to his feet, and Goldberg spears him down! Goldberg sets up in the corner for another spear, and he connects in a big way! Goldberg celebrates and the crowd is going nuts. Paul Heyman is begging Goldberg to stop. The “Goldberg” chants are firing up. Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer and connects for the win!

The match lasted 1 minute and 26 seconds from bell to bell.

Winner by Pinfall: Goldberg

Goldberg goes up to his wife and son and embraces them. The crowd is chanting his name. Goldberg starts high fiving fans at ringside. Goldberg is 2-0 lifetime against Lesnar. Goldberg takes his son with his shirt off and puts him in the ring. Goldberg celebrates in the ring and bows for the crowd. Goldberg then walks off as the show comes to an end.

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  1. So the show starts early so it can end a half hour early? Hell, just change PPVs from 8pm eastern to 7pm eastern. Don’t pretend it will last until 11.

  2. wow i’m in disbelief on how horrible this match was. i wonder how much of a bonus vince gave lesnar to job like that, that quickly. this made their match at wm xx look good compared to this crap. they made a two ncaa time champ, a ufc champ and a guy that was built up as a beast who ended the undertakers streak look like a complete bitch.

  3. Yes it did, and though I don’t like him, it wasn’t Reigns fault that Shane probably got a concussion. Shane isn’t a wrestler, and he needs to stop being in matches just to get cheap pops. He looked like DeNiro in Awakenings after his head hit the mat.

  4. I am not sure how to feel. I honestly have mixed emotions. The first is the wrestling purist side of me which is outraged. Not only do you build this up as the fight of the century and then give us a popcorn fart but the guy who broke The Streak has been squashed. That kills all of the momentum you have been building with him! However, there is the fanboy side of me that admits that was freaking awesome and shocking. One of the criticisms that WWE gets alot of times is that they get too predictable, so they truly are going out of their way to get unpredictable and shock fans and this result certainly did that. So they should at least get credit for doing something different and unexpected. I honestly feel like this was better than what would have been a 10-12 minute snooze fest of shoulder blocks and suplexes. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I really am on the fence about this result. Any comments?

  5. The only thing I can think of is that Lesnar agreed to this squash match so he can annihilate Goldberg somewhere down the line, possibly at Wrestlemania. Credit where it’s due to the WWE for throwing a massive curveball & I can’t wait to see Heyman & Lesnar’s reactions, hopefully on Raw tomorrow night!

  6. I don’t agree that it kills Lesnar’s momentum; he is the guy that broke the streak, losing to the only other huge streak. Lesnar is going to be on a tear now, because now, he has something to prove. He got beat. And beat bad. Heyman can’t “The Undertaker used a low-blow” or “Diverticulitis” out of this one, so Lesnar is going to have to beat the crap out of someone to get his aura back, and he damn sure will.

  7. Except Goldberg is the other Streak. He might not’ve wrestled in over a decade, but he still has that aura of mysticism around him. And I don’t think this match was done like this because of injury; I think it was to put Goldberg over so that Lesnar’s last shot at him can be a brutal brawl that sees Lesnar get his win over Goldberg.

  8. Mixed emotions indeed. On one hand, I feel bad for the fans who went to this event or bought it on PPV/Network expecting to see….well, at least something better than what they saw at WM 20 then saw a squash match. But on the other hand, eh so it makes Lesnar look bad. F*ck him anyway. Besides, he’s said so himself that money is the only thing that matters to him.

  9. I wouldnt feel bad for the fans. Did you hear the reaction from them? WM30 left fans genuinely shocked and heartbroken. This left fans shocked but also they ate that match up. WWE is trying to at least get out of the conventional thinkng box and try something unpredictable which left us with two straight nights of curveballs being thrown.

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