Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens takes shot at David Otunga on Twitter

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens sent out the following tweet responding to a mention that WWE Smackdown Live commentator David Otunga retweeted from a recent line he delivered on Smackdown.

Tyson Kidd says he was removed from Total Divas show

Tyson Kidd (TJ Wilson), who has been out of action since June 2015 after suffering a severe neck/spinal injury after a Muscle Buster from Samoa Joe, responded to a fans tweet asking if he would be on the upcoming season of Total Divas on the E! Network. Wilson revealed he has been removed from the show and that WWE didn’t seem interested in documenting his current health situation following the injury.


  1. all Owens did was give Otunga a receipt for his insult, he probably went to the Kevin Dunn school of commentary

  2. Mr. Jennifer Hudson has no business calling out Kevin Owens on anything. Viscera was a better wrestler by comparison to Otunga.

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