When last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw taping went off the air in Washington, D.C., John Cena & Triple H def. WWE Champion Randy Orton & WWE Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show in a post-show dark match reports ProWrestling.net.

After the match, The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online reports that Triple H took the mic and noticed a lot of activity around ringside. He announced to the crowd that he knew there was a setup taking place since Monday was his birthday. Triple H then jumped into the crowd and tried running away into the back area.

The whole WWE locker room then emptied out in the arena and tried catching him. Vince McMahon then came out and threatened to sing Happy Birthday until Triple H came out. Triple H’s music hit and he slowly came out from the back area covered in cake. He walked got near the ring where many wrestlers were hold mini-cakes and were smashing them in his face.

Triple H got on the mic and joked that his only concern was Mark Henry trying to eat him since he was covered in cake. The whole roster started throwing cake at Triple H and Triple H even grabbed McMahon rolling around on the mat with him getting him covered in cake as well. Batista’s music then hit and he walked down with a cake in hand. Big Show held Triple H back and when Batista went to throw the cake, Triple H moved and Batista smashed the cake in Big Show’s face. The rest of the roster threw cake at each other at ringside and looked to have a great time.

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