The Undertaker

During tonight’s 1/9 WWE RAW from New Orleans, The Undertaker made an appearance cutting a promo revealing he is officially entering the 30 Man Royal Rumble match taking place on January 29 inside the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Here is an excerpt from our live report tonight.

Undertaker grabs a mic. A loud “UNDERTAKER” chant starts up in New Orleans. “I’m back,” says Undertaker on the mic. “And I think it important that the world should know I will be entering the Royal Rumble.” A loud “YES” chant starts up. “I answer to no one. I go where I want, when I want. Nobody controls The Undertaker.” Undertaker gets in Stephanie’s face and adds, “No one.” He talks about returning to the city where he suffered his most devastating loss and where the streak came to its demise. “But my journey continues to the Royal Rumble. I’ve dug 29 holes for 29 souls. And I will be bringing the darkside to the Royal Rumble match. And after I win, I will return to the main event at WrestleMania. And if anyone – and I mean anyone – stands in my way, they will…rest…in…peace.”

You can check out a clip of his promo below as well courtesy of WWE.


  1. Why does everyone in the Rumble think they are going to be #1? If he draws #23, he will only need 7 holes for 7 souls.

  2. So who going to win the rumble? I see Lesner and Goldberg eliminating each other which leads to match at WM. I see HHH using Strowman to eliminate Rollins leading to that WM match, whom ever eliminates Taker will be that WM match. I do get the feeling it could be either Reigns winning title at Rumble and Owens wins rumble with help of Jericho or other Reign get cheated out of title and win the Rumble or on the smackdown side I do see Cena winning the title and Corbin winning rumble to make that wm match. Actually I see Corbin Eliminating Taker which would lead to WM match. so I have no Idea whats going to happen.

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