Jim Ross

Jim Ross says three hours of wrestling is “flirting with disaster”

Donald Wood of Ring Rust Radio passed along an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross where he talks about the expansion of wrestling content in 2016 and length of shows.

“I am thinking a weekly TV show should be an hour. I like to leave the TV audience wanting more. I believe in today’s somewhat shallow at times main event talent pool, producing an hour is very compatible now a day. I like the one hour scenario. I don’t have any issues with a two hour show, but I stop at that. For a major event or PPV attraction like a Royal Rumble or WrestleMania might be a little different. Three hours you start flirting with disaster. Can you sustain a solid product and keep everyone’s interest? How many times during that show do you restart it? You can only do that so many times because then your live audience starts to burn out. An hour a week is my thinking now and that doesn’t seem to be the trend. If you don’t have a two hour show you aren’t really in the hunt. I think ROH among other companies like Lucha Underground produce interesting TV and they do it in an hour.”

Update on Steve Corino and his status with WWE

Former ECW Champion Steve Corino has officially started as a coach at the WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando according to a report by PWInsider.com. Corino parted ways with Ring of Honor effective December 31 when his announcer contract expired.


  1. I fast forward through Raw if I happen to be able to record it. As far as PPVs, I would say they could easily be two hours. But when they have 4 hour PPVs like Summerslam or Mania it’s mostly filler. Only about 30-40% of the show is actually watchable.

  2. To disagree with JR a little, I think 2 hours is more suitable for Raw & SmackDown. 3 hour Raws are indeed ratings death and they keep getting lower & lower. I can’t believe some idiot at WWE thought 3 hour Raws were a good idea and they’re even bigger idiots for maintaining the format after it’s been a proven failure. Because it worked SO well for WCW. (:/ 1 hour shows are perfectly fine for ROH & Lucha Underground but with all the additional show biz involved with WWE, 2 hours should be the max. NO ONE stays tuned in for all 3 hours of RAW except those poor souls on wrestling sites who have to watch & report on these long, boring migraines.
    Here’s to you, Mike Tedesco. Not many of us could do your job. XP

  3. JBL already said WWE can’t revert RAW back to 2 hours or 1 hour as and when they like becos they have a contract to fulfill with the USA network. If the contract is terminated prematurely WWE is probably gonna have to pay a hefty fine

  4. 2hr PPV easily doable. They just need to ditch all the build up videos and actually just have the matches.

  5. Yeah, if it’s one thing I can’t stand it’s having to watch those 5-7 min. synopsis videos before every match. Just have a short 30 second interview or something. I think it was Survivor Series that ended at the 2:39:00 mark, proving that even with all the interviews and entrances, they still couldn’t get close to three hours.

  6. The show used to be 1 hour and you were left wanting more, WWE is terrible these days, how anyone can sit through 3 hours is beyond me then 2 hours the next day for smackdown, then 3 hours for a PPV every other week, you got to be kidding me, they only have 2 or 3 wrestlers worth watching… the matches are cookie cutter with non finishes for the most part, there is no character development, it’s corporate wrestling at its finest, stop supporting the WWEvil!

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