Kurt Angle to be inducted into the Class of 2017 WWE Hall of Fame

Former WWE and TNA Champion Kurt Angle will be the headline member of the Class of 2017 WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 33 weekend in Orlando, Florida, as first reported by ESPN.com on Monday afternoon.

WWE also confirmed the report with the following on Twitter.

Kurt Angle to be inducted into the Class of 2017 WWE Hall of Fame

This will be Angle’s first appearance with the WWE since his departure from the company back in 2006. Angle went on to work for TNA from 2006 to 2016.

Tickets for the Class of 2017 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which will air live on WWE Network on March 31, will go on sale this Friday (January 20), with an online pre-sale set for this Wednesday (January 18).


  1. Please…please God don’t say he is never going to wrestle again for wwe…I just …i just need to see him in wwe wrestling again.

    But yeah was very surprised and happy to hear this, one of THE all time best and well deserved.

    Also for celebrity wing it shouod be Muhammad Ali or Lenny from motorhead.

  2. I’m sure he’ll do at least one more match, since he’s still in pretty good shape for his age. Who knows… it might even be during that Wrestlemania weekend. I definitely see him getting involved in one of the matches, since he will be there. Regardless, he deserves the induction. One of the most solid wrestlers during his run in the WWE. Hell, even in TNA he still put most of the younger guys to shame.

  3. A couple weeks too early in my opinion. He could have entered the Rumble at #30 (imagine the pop), and then could have been announced on Raw as a member of the HOF. Now if he’s in the Rumble, it won’t be a surprise.

  4. It wouldn’t be a good idea vs. Brock, but he could be in the Rumble without really having to do any risky spots at all.

  5. I may be just be giving into my nerd fantasies but what if he ever faced off against Nakamura? Doubt that will happen but I think Angle would be a great fit in NXT working with the developmental talent while giving the brand a credible look to bolster up their roster.

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