Emails on Jeff Hardy’s WWE status

Jason Williams sent this in:

I live in the United Kingdom and just thought I’d write to you in regards to the Jeff Hardy situation. Many have speculated that Hardy is soon to leave at the end of this month. However, last night when I was watching SmackDown, they are now advertising him for both the Televised Show in the United Kingdom and now, the House Show tour dates in the United Kingdom in November. Several weeks ago, Jeff was not scheduled to appear but then around 4 weeks ago, they started to advertise him for the Televised SmackDown show in the UK and then last night, they have now put him in the advertisement for the House Show tour dates in the UK.

Just thought I’d left you know as this may indicate that either Jeff has decided to stay with the WWE for an extended period of time or he may have signed a new contract. Heck, he may not have but I just find it odd they wouldn’t advertise him because of the whole “will he sign a new contract situation” and now all of a sudden, he’s scheduled to appear in November for the UK tour.

Take this information for what it’s worth.

Ray sent this in:

I was reading your article from Friday July 24th about Jeff Hardy’s last booking being at SummerSlam (maybe). But he is scheduled to wrestle at least into September.

This link has him listed as one of the biggest names coming to an event in Hamilton, Ontario on September 15th.

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