Kurt Angle

WWE.com has posted a video clip of Kurt Angle on ESPN SportsCenter this week with Jonathan Coachman discussing the news that he has been revealed as the headliner and the first announced inductee into the Class of 2017 WWE Hall of Fame.

During the interview, Angle reveals that WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque was the one who called him to give him the news about the induction.

Angle did note he regrets not getting to perform in WWE the last 10 years and wasn’t planning on retiring just yet at the age of 48.


  1. “Regret not being able to perform in WWE the last 10 years”?? That’s not what you said when you arrived in TNA Curt. In fact, you walked away from WWE leaving a lot of money on the table because your body could no longer handle its full time schedule. You’ve even said in other interviews you thought your run in TNA was better than your run in WWE. You want to graciously accept being inducted into the WWE HOF fine, but don’t be like so many other past two-faced @ssholes and dis’ the company that treated you like a main eventer & kept your career going all that time.

  2. Well didn’t he kind of just say that in the video!? He said he was more in his prime during his TNA run and wished he could’ve done it in WWE. Only reason he left WWE was the schedule and TNA’s schedule offered him the ability to get healthy again and not beat up his body 300+ days a year. He didn’t diss the company at all in my opinon, but when was the last time anyone who was brought in or back to WWE from TNA allowed to speak the name of that company? Not once that I can recall so no different here. Didn’t diss them whatsoever and I’m sure he does regret not being able to stay in the #1 company all those years.

  3. Does a lighter schedule include almost necking himself in every main event? I remember he almost died when he flipped off the steel cage and missed. He still took the same risks in TNA, so I don’t think things really slowed down any in TNA. He honestly would have probably had easier matches if he had stayed in ECW V2. The two years after he joined TNA he had a tremendous workload if you really look at the matches he was in. For God sakes, he held every single belt at one point!

  4. It’s what always happens. they go to TNA thinking they can put Vince out of business, only to come back with their tail tucked in between their legs. Flair… Check… HOgan Check Foley Check… And now Angle… Check

  5. Did any of them go there actually expecting TNA to put WWE out of business? That idiot Bischoff maybe but the rest of them, no. Or was it just a change of scenery from WWE’s onerous 300+ day a year schedule, a break from Vince’s micro-managing, and a way to keep their careers going while still remaining in the public eye.

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