WrestleMania 33

During tonight’s 1/30 WWE RAW from Laredo, Paul Heyman issued a challenge to Goldberg – on behalf of his client Brock Lesnar – for a match at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

Goldberg tweeted he will be at RAW next week in Portland to address the challenge.

You can view a clip of the challenge below courtesy of WWE.


  1. The promo by Heyman was fine but in terms of pure logic, what would Goldberg have to gain from accepting this match? This wouldnt be a rubber match. Goldberg would still be up 3-1 on Brock. Unless they plan on having Brock lose and this being a retirement match, a 3rd match between the 2 makes absolutely sense

  2. Agreed but Brock is being punished for the Orton/Shane O Mac thing. Do you honestly think Vince will allow a WCW guy to finish on top in this angle?

  3. Back where it all started (as far as PPV goes). Like I said before Goldberg has NOTHING to prove. He should’ve quit after Survivor Series 2016.

  4. I’ve read now multiple times that it was Brock’a idea to have Goldberg win these two PPV matches like this once he heard Goldy was open to multiple matches as he saw money between the two of them, is friends with Goldberg (Brock doesn’t seem to be friends with many in the biz) – apparently he felt this would peek interest and develop a unique storyline BUT I doubt he would have agreed (he has creative control in his contract which has been noted in interviews) unless Goldberg confirmed it would peek at WM so what he has to lose is a big payday and not honouring his contract and a buddy who let him go over in a way he hasn’t let anyone else. Only thing I can’t figure how Brock gets his credibility back or comes up ahead with this storyline because even if he wins at WM, people still see that (if you include their original match) that Goldberg had Brock’s number 3 times. Even if he crushed Goldberg that wouldn’t be considered coming out ahead overall so…

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