Viewers for ESPN special on XFL

Last night’s ESPN “30 for 30” documentary about XFL drew 917,000 viewers according to a report by Showbuzzdaily.com. WWE posted this clip to Twitter from the show.

Former Impact star at WWE tryout

WWE.com is featuring an article (with photos) about a tryout at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando this week which featured former Impact Wrestling star Lei’D Tapa.


  1. Could make a nice tag team. Still waiting for Kong to show up. Everyone immediately on notice. Starting with Nikki Bella.

  2. There’s no sort of about it. She’s the niece of The Barbarian which makes her second generation period. Second generation means you had a previous generation of your family (that could be parent, aunt, or uncle in the business (in this case wrestling) before you. It would also apply If none of of them were in the business before you but a grandparent, great aunt, or great uncle was. In that case it’s referred to as second generation with one skipped.

  3. True, it was one of Vince McMahon’s million dollar ideas, but he had let it go because of $$$$$$$$$ issues. I mean I can arguably understand that, I mean running a billion dollar company, film and TV studio, TV shows, PPVs’, hotel, website, having hectic schedules, etc., and making budget cuts.

    I mean everyone can understand that.

  4. Yes but I said AVERAGE XFL game. The viewership of later games & especially towards the end brings down the average from that opening day number substantially.

  5. Well, considering that everywhere except WWE he is known as Rey Mysterio, Jr., that he is constantly referred to as second generation by all announcers outside WWE and that it is well known that his uncle is Rey Mysterio, Sr. (a fact that is also noted by all announcers outside WWE), I beg to differ. WWE doesn’t like for wrestlers to use the suffix Jr. because they don;t want it to look like they’re living off their father’s name. If WWE allowed it, we’d hear Jr. and Sr. quite often. Jr. would have followed the names of Hall of Famer Bob Orton, Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Ted DiBiase, Manu (who is actually Afa Anoai Jr., son of WWE Hall of Famer Afa of the Wild Samoans), and the aforementioned Rey Mysterio. Jr. would also follow the name of current WWE Champion John Cena. Sr. would follow the names of WWE Hall of Famer Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Chavo Guerrero (aka Chavo Classic), the aforementioned WWE Hall of Famer Afa of the Wild Samoans.

  6. no one in ECW or WCW called him Jr because its not his dad who’s the wrestler, i’m well aware of all the 2nd generation stars but if you’re a niece or nephew you’re not 2nd generation in my book, some may agree some may not, but neither are wrong

  7. Gary Michael Cappetta and David Penzer always introduced him as Rey Mysterio Jr. in WCW and announcers Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay would also refer to him as Rey Mysterio Jr. as seen (and heard) here, here,and here.

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