Big Show

Big Show continues training for WrestleMania

WWE star Big Show has posted another picture on Twitter showing off all the hard work he has been doing training to get in shape for WrestleMania 33 this year in Orlando.

JBL talks with Hansen

WWE’s YouTube page is featuring a clip of a recent episode of “Legends with JBL” where JBL talks with guest Stan Hansen about injuring Bruno Sammartino.


  1. He must have been saying a lot of prayers and taking some bad ass vitamins. Or maybe it’s just hard work ………

  2. correction: religious bigotry… not cool, not cool at all. besides, a beard can’t be a “taliban beard”, a beard can only be a beard.

  3. Whatever dude. It still looks like an overly-long beard a taliban/al qaeda guy would have compared, to say, a shorter beard Steve Austin or Cesaro would have.
    And besides, you’re the one implying that the taliban & Islam are one & the same, not me.

  4. Good for him but his abs look gross, and the 70’s throwback beard dont help, sure he doesn’t have a tumor? ‘Its nawt a too’more’ Anyhoo wish he had been this motivated 15 years ago, then he may have become a legend rather than an attraction…

  5. And should’ve retired years ago, plus Taker’s style ages far better than Show’s because of his ability to adapt. Show has always been slow, but lately he looks like he can barely move at all.

  6. Have to disagree that Big Show was always slow. In WCW as The Giant, he was actually quite limber, agile & moved around the ring exceptionally well for a man of his size. Lex Luger, Diamond Dallas Page, & Goldberg in particular commented at the time on how The Giant was deceptively fast & agile for such a big man. It was after a few years in WWF/E where started letting himself go as age & injuries started to pile up. Being horribly booked time & time again probably had something to do with it too.

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