Legends with JBL

WWE cancels Legends with JBL

WWE Smackdown Live commentator JBL (John Layfield) tweeted out this week that his “Legends with JBL” series on WWE Network has come to an end for now.

The network debuted a new episode this week with special guest Stan Hansen.

Shane McMahon added to MSG

TheGarden.com is now advertising Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon for the upcoming Smackdown live event in New York City at Madison Square Garden on March 12.

As reported earlier, Kevin Owens vs. Brock Lesnar was added as a special attraction. That match is listed as far for Universal Championship pending the outcome of Fastlane where Owens will defend that title against Goldberg in the main event.


  1. At least John said something, most shows it seems they do a few of and then that’s it. No word on whether there will be more or it’s done or what. I enjoyed Camp WWE but haven’t see a thing on if they’re doing more. Interacting with some of the voice actors on the show and they don’t even know if there’ll be more.

  2. Legends is really a show for those of us over a certain age and having been true wrestling fans for decades. It sucks, but they gear the original Network shows more to the younger fan base and keeping them entertained. I love Legends, as I did the Legends of Wrestling roundtable discussions, but if they have stats showing them which shows are watched or searched for more, I can see JBL’s show not being has high. Look at the last one with Stan Hansen. I loved it and it was awesome, but most regular fans nowadays would watch a few minutes and just go to something else.

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