Kurt Angle

Donald Wood of Ring Rust Radio passed along an interview recap with former WWE and TNA star Kurt Angle where he talks about the possibility of getting back in the ring for WWE in 2017 and who he would like to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

The possibility of him returning to the ring for WWE:

“I was surprised and I was very honored. I was surprised because I wasn’t done wrestling yet. Usually you get inducted into the Hall of Fame when you’re done wrestling. When WWE called me, it was Triple H about a month a half ago. We talked the year prior and he said he was going to do something with me and to just give him some time and when they will come up with it they will give me a call. When I did get the call, I was thinking I was getting a call to wrestle, but they presented the Hall of Fame to me. I was elated and I know I don’t much time left for wrestling and I am transitioning, so it was okay. I was all right doing it, but I did bring up the fact that am I going to be able to wrestle again and basically, I was shot down and told let’s get you to the Hall of Fame and we will talk after that. There are no plans for me wrestling. There are rumors about it, but I haven’t heard anything about it. Most likely I will wrestle again, but we haven’t talked about it yet.”

On who he wants to induct him into the Hall of Fame:

“I wanted someone that had a huge impact on the business and no one had a bigger impact than those three. With John Cena, I was more of a teacher to John when he started in WWE. I was his first match. Not only that, but Vince McMahon put me with him to kind of teach the trade a little bit, and for six or seven months, we traveled the world and I was giving him my advice and trying to bring him along. Vince really loved John and I don’t blame them for that. He is very marketable, great personality and he’s a great athlete. It was my job to kind of groom him a little bit. The Undertaker and Austin, I don’t have to say much about those two. They are the biggest names in wrestling. They taught me a lot about the trade, in ring psychology, what to do and timing. They taught me more than anybody, and I would add up there Triple H as well. I know I won’t get Triple H because he is a Talent Relation director, but I wanted one of those three. I have not been told whether or not if I could pick, but I don’t believe the talent is the one that gets to pick. I think WWE sets up who they want to induct you. I would be surprised if it wasn’t one of those three. Vince McMahon and Triple H know the type of relationship I have with Undertaker and John Cena and Stone Cold. They do know I want one of those three, so looks like it will be one of those three.”