Big Show is featuring a lengthy interview with the Big Show where he talks about getting in great shape with some added time off from the road and questions Shaquille O’Neal and his commitment to facing him in a match at WrestleMania 33 this year.

On deciding to get in better shape:

“You don’t make the transformation I’ve made without a serious commitment to changing 40 years of improper diet and improper training. I wanted to make a change, and I was given the time and opportunity to make a change, so I took advantage of it. I’ve worked a hard schedule for 22 years. Five days a week, 200-plus days a year on the road. With that time off, it was a chance for me to re-evaluate what I want to do with my future, what I want to do with myself, and really take this challenge on and see if I could make a change.”

Questioning if Shaq will wrestle him at WrestleMania 33:

“I mean, here’s the thing. We shot this off at the ESPY Awards, Shaq said he’s in, I thought this would be a good match for fans to see two giants go at it. And I see Shaq riding around, singing karaoke and stopping in at Krispy Kreme. I’m like, “Hey! If you’re not gonna take it serious, find something else to do!” I’ve given 22 years of my blood, sweat and tears to this business and I’m doing this favor to Shaq. This could be my last WrestleMania. He needs to step up. I’m not trying to be mean, but my time’s valuable. I get it. I don’t have foot powder commercials, car commercials, insurance commercials. I get it. He’s a busy man. But if he’s gonna step in the ring, in my business, at our biggest event of the year? Show me you’re serious. If anything, talk a little trash. Let me know you’re motivated. Because right now? I just get the feeling he’s terrified. He shot his mouth off, he’s in over his head and he’s trying to back out. So just let me know what’s going on, brother.”


  1. Why? Shaq is not even an active player. Hes retired. Get Dwight Howard….in Orlando nevermind. Get SOMEBODY who’s at least still active. Who cares about shaq enough to want to buy the ppv for this match? Media coverage fine but again he’s long retired

  2. Can we just do something where Big Show and Taker, chokeslam strowman and reigns so no one loses at fastlane then we can have show v strowman 2 at mania? Because I would watch the shit out of that. Or fatal 4 way with reigns taker show and strowman so everyone can stay protected?

  3. Here’s a thing… I don’t UNDERSTAND the Show/Shaq bout. I just don’t get it.
    I’ve not liked the celeb/wrestler bouts before but I have understood them. This? I just don’t.

  4. Well the issue with trying to get someone who is currently active is that they are… know active in basketball. They are in the middle of the NBA season so why would a high profile NBA player (other than that fool Dennis Rodman) want to be involved in a wrestling program while they are fighting for an NBA championship and around that time of the year playoff seeding.

  5. Sounds all right but I don’t think Undertaker nor Big Show would want possibly their last matches at Wrestlemania to be just 1 of 4 guys in a fatal 4 way. A Big Show/Braun Strowman rematch at ‘Mania would be better.

  6. Well, Show & Shaq first faced off several years ago (July 2009) when Raw was doing their weekly “celebrity GM” thing where Shaq got the better of him. Then at last year’s Wrestlemania, they had their…*ahem* “much anticipated” return match at the Andre memorial battle royal. So this upcoming match would be the culmination of a “rivalry” that’s dated back several years.
    I know it’s all hogwash but it’s WWE logic. It’s not meant to be understood just blindly accepted.

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