Sasha Banks

The Mirror in the UK is featuring an interview with WWE star Sasha Banks where she addresses criticism from wrestling fans about WWE playing “hot potato” with the RAW Women’s Championship in her feud with Charlotte.

“The hot potato on that too, the same goes for SmackDown, that title has already changed three times as well. Fans can complain all they want but they are still watching every week because they want to see what’s next, we have them on the edge of their seat and they never know what is coming. That’s what’s so great about WWE, we are here to entertain you, we are here to make you watch with a mystery eye, like what’s going to happen. Even when I show up on Raw I have no idea what is going to happen, they surprise me as well. Raw is the better brand, I was the better champion and when I want to reclaim that championship, I will.”

Banks also talked about making history with Charlotte in recent months.

“Yeah absolutely, we keep breaking these doors down. At Hell in a Cell, in the Falls Count Anywhere Match, getting to main event Raw, the Ironman match… We’ve constantly been doing that and it’s incredible how many doors we’ve been breaking down. I’m so excited that I’m a part of this history of women in WWE right now and looking forward to the future.”


  1. How much did they pay her to say that? And here’s the thing the Smackdown Women’s Championship doesn’t change as much as the RAW Women’s Championship.

  2. “Fans can complain all they want but they are still watching every week because they want to see what’s next…..”

    That is bullshit because the ratings show the fans arent watching.
    Beginning of 2015 had RAW at 2.8 rating and ended with a 2.45
    Beginning of 2016 had RAW at 2.45 rating and ended with 1.94

    The fans are leaving, so she just gave a corporate answer like Cameron Huff said.

  3. “THEY ARE STILL WATCHING EVERY WEEK BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SEE WHAT’S NEXT, WE HAVE THEM ON THE EDGE OF THEIR SEAT AND THEY NEVER KNOW WHAT IS COMING.” Exactly!! Even the fastlane results were so unexpected! Especially the main event! :/ Wonder if she was she talking about attitude era.. Current product is shit and the ratings are going downhill..

  4. Her statement is completely illogical.

    The RAW Women’s Championship


    That is the definition of “Hot Potato”.

    The Smackdown Women’s Championship

    Becky Lynch
    Alexa Bliss
    Alexa Bliss

    Alexa only won the title back, because Naomi was injured. This is not even remotely hot potato. What’s going on with the RAW Women’s title was the definition of hot potato.

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