WWE.com has an article at this link noting that the company has started up a new “Street Team” for international WWE fans (this does not apply to fans in the U.S. or Canada). The application process closes on Tuesday, July 28 and you can apply here.

WrestleView.com reader Austin Allen sent this in regarding some issues he has had with the application process:

WWE is currently looking for fans from outside the US & Canada to become part of a WWE Street Team.

I just thought I’d pass on that I have tried unsuccessfully three times to fill out their application form and here’s why.

First of all, they ask for a zip code. As far as I’m aware only the US & Canada use zip codes which are the two countries not eligible to be a part of the WWE Street Team. I put in Not Applicable and it was flagged that it had to be filled in.

Secondly and thirdly, they ask for a short description on how you can help the WWE Street Team and who is your favourite WWE superstar and why. I filled in both of these areas and both were also flagged.

Why bother asking people to become a part of something if you can’t even design a simple online form properly? I just thought everyone ought to know before they waste their time attempting to fill it out.

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