Erick Rowan

Update on Erick Rowan and his WWE status

Erick Rowan was backstage at last night’s WWE Smackdown Live taping in Pittsburgh and has been cleared for a return to the ring according to a report by

Rowan underwent surgery back in October for a torn rotator cuff.

Post-Smackdown Live videos

WWE posted the following videos following last night’s Smackdown Live in Pittsburgh.


  1. Curious that Luke Harper wasn’t featured on Smackdown for the past two episodes. I wonder if he and Rowan will be involved with the Orton/Wyatt match.

  2. I hope to GOD they team Rowan back up with Harper. I love them together! If they just send Rowan to Raw, it would be pointless and a complete waste of time and talent.

  3. More than likely that Rowan will interfere in Bray vs. Orton match to help Bray and Luke Harper could interfere as well to help Bray reuniting the Wyatt family. Bray could then easily explain that although Orton had a plan to destroy the family, Bray had a plan of his own to make it look like the family is imploding.

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