Teddy Long

Teddy Long inductees announced

WWE.com announced on Friday that JBL and Ron Simmons will be inducting Teddy Long into the Class of 2017 WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania weekend in Orlando.

The article features a quote from JBL about having the honor to induct Long.

“We rode thousands and thousands of miles together for years – me, Ron, Teddy and Godfather in one car. It’s real special. Ron’s in the Hall of Fame, Godfather’s in the Hall of Fame, and now Teddy is, too. I’m the only one left.”

WWE releases new Southpaw series

WWE’s new Southpaw Regional Wrestling comedy series was released today.


  1. I sincerely, honestly appreciate the fact that it’s still completely socially acceptable for the American population to poke fun at us southerners in this day and age when people can be vilified, ostracized, and sued for cutting a loud fart in the wrong direction. We’ve got thick skins down here. Heck, we even recognize our idiosyncrasies and snicker right along.

  2. Oh my god… What the hell have you done, WWE?

    Southpaw Region Wrestling is my new favorite promotion!! Tell me we can buy that t-shirt on WWE Shop!! PLEEEEASE!!!

  3. Don’t worry JBL. Vince won’t leave out one of his best all-time ass kissers for much longer.

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