Chris Kelly sent this in:

During the second segment of yesterday’s TMZ TV they had an interview with former WCW Champion Bill Goldberg that went like this:

TMZ: “You ever going to get back in the ring again?”

Goldberg: “Indies I would do in a heartbeat, but I wouldn’t work for Vince McMahon if he was the last motherf—-r on earth”.

They then transition into a shot of Harvey Levin (the show’s host) asking what Vince did to piss off big Bill. No real answer is given by the staff except “a lot of people seem pissed at Vince, I wonder why that is?”. For the rest of the segment they basically mock Goldberg by saying “don’t they usually have names like Hulk or the Rock? Goldberg sounds like Feinstein….doesn’t it seem like a weird name?” One of the other “reporters” on the show informs Harvey “he doesn’t wrestle with a yamika on or anything so it’s not that weird and I bet you wouldn’t say that to his face.”

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