SPOILERS: Smackdown taping for 7/17

The following took place on Tuesday in Miami, FL.

razor200421 sent this in:


– Jeff Hardy came out and talked about what CM Punk said about him last week. He says he’s learned from his mistakes and he’s been drug free for over a year. CM Punk comes out and says he shouldn’t be bragging about that because he has never had alcohol touch his lips. He calls Hardy a bad role model for the kids and that he should try being more like Punk. Hardy hits Punk with the mic and CM Punk says he is the bigger man and won’t fight back.

– John Morrison def. CM Punk. After the match, Morrison offered to shake punk’s hand but Punk just walked off.

– Layla came out to dance for the crowd but was interrupted by Ricky Ortiz. His mic didn’t work but they gave him a new one and he asked Layla to rally up. She did but then she just walked off.

-Kane def. R-Truth. After the match, Khali came out and R-Truth drop kicked Kane into him. They brawled but Kane escaped.

– The Hart Dynasty and Natalya def. Cryme Tyme and Eve.

– There was an interview with Edge. He said that his injury might mark the end of his career and that it is the most difficult injury to recover from. He talks about how much he loves what he does but is interrupted by Chris Jericho. Jericho says that Edge doesn’t care about anyone but himself and starts berating him. Edge says that he’s not an angel but that he will not allow Jericho to attack his character. He says that if, no WHEN he returns he will prove to Jericho and everyone else that he is the best.

– Hardy and Mysterio vs. Jericho and Ziggler was a no contest. Hardy threw Jericho into Punk who was sitting at the announcers table so Punk threw jericho into Hardy (and the steel steps). Ziggler than attacked Mysterio and Jericho hit the Code breaker and Walls of Jericho on Hardy while CM punk walked away.

Dark Match

– CM Punk def. Jeff Hardy in a Steel Cage match

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