Kurt Angle

WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque recently spoke with Peter Rosenberg on ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast this week and was asked about the possibility of Kurt Angle getting back in the ring for WWE now that he is back in the good graces of the company.

Triple H didn’t shy away from the question and made it very clear that while it is a genuine possibility, many things would need to take place before that could happen.

“We were very clear with Kurt. I’ve been very clear with Kurt in every conversation I’ve had on this topic. It’s a proving ground, right? He did a lot of great things and then there is a lot of time under the table that comes with a lot of baggage. It just comes down to, let’s get back together, let’s see how it goes. It goes well for you, it goes well for us and everything is great and then we see where it goes from there. We’re not going to say never. You know, Kurt would have to go through a lot of physical requirements to be allowed to perform in the ring. I know that angers fans, but that’s us looking out for the well being of talent in general. Whether they like that or dislike that, that’s the facts.”


  1. i thought they were supposed to be retired if they were in the HoF? apart from Pric Flair of course.

  2. I think it’s far more important that Kurt Angle be in good health and not die in the middle of the ring than he wrestle again just because. I know a lot of people get upset because of the health testing, but they do it for a reason, and more power to them for it.

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