Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore goes sneaker shopping

Complex passed along the following talking with Enzo Amore.

Watch Enzo Amore Go Sneaker Shopping

For the latest episode of Complex’s Sneaker Shopping, WWE superstar Enzo Amore joins Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City. Since signing to the WWE in 2012, Amore has climbed the ranks from the NXT developmental system to the RAW roster. In addition to his wrestling achievements, Amore has gained popularity for his flashy persona, wild sneaker choices, and signature catchphrases.

At Stadium Goods, Amore makes his entrance in true WWE fashion, dancing and shouting as he walks in. During the episode, he talks about how breaking his leg in wrestling boots inspired him to switch to only wearing sneakers in the ring. Later, he talks about looking up to Shane McMahon and Michael Jordan when he was growing up, and how he isn’t afraid to wear sneakers worth tens of thousands of dollars during matches. In the end, Amore spends over $2,600 on three rare sneakers while hunting for a pair for WrestleMania this Sunday.

On wanting to wear $12,000 Nike Mags in the ring:
“It’s going to happen. I will own it, and I will absolutely wear it in a wrestling match.”

On Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy II “Red Octobers:
“If I buy this shoe, guaranteed I’m wearing it in the ring. I love the thought of turning the sneaker world on its head wearing a pair of ‘Red Octobers’ in the ring. You know, that canvas ruins every pair of shoes you wear.”

On why he switched from wrestling boots to sneakers:
“I broke my leg wrestling. After that day, I swore I’d never wear wrestling boots again cause I snapped [my leg] in wrestling boots.”

On the idea of him getting a signature sneaker:
“I don’t think it’s will it happen, it’s when it’s going to happen. If I ever get an opportunity to make a sneaker, I want to be hands on deck with it.”

On how Shane McMahon inspired him to wrestle in Air Jordans:
“He was one of the influences in my career as far as the Js went, but I’m catching up to him. I’m catching up to him quick.”

On not being able to get a pair of Air Jordans when he was a growing up:
“When I was a kid growing up, Jordan was the man. I wanted a pair of Js. I remember playing a AAU basketball, everybody was showing up in fresh sneakers. I was like, ‘Pops, I want a pair of Jordans and he was like, ‘You’re crazy.’”

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“It has and it hasn’t. It’s one of those things — I’m super excited to go to WrestleMania, especially as SmackDown women’s champion. It’s the epitome of what’s everyone wants to accomplish in their career, but I feel like it’s really gonna hit me when I’m at Mania backstage before going out on the stage. I think that’s when it’s going to hit me. That’s normally when the nerves kick in and the excitement kicks in and I think that’s when it’s going to hit me.”