Triple H and Stephanie preview AXXESS, Heyman on RAW after Mania


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon preview AXXESS

Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Stephanie McMahon did the following Facebook Live video on Thursday giving fans a walk-through of the WWE Fan AXXESS convention in Orlando that opens this evening during WrestleMania weekend.

Heyman on RAW after Mania

In continuing his week of blogs on Yahoo! Sports to promote WrestleMania 33, Paul Heyman has a new blog up on Thursday talking about the importance of this Monday’s RAW after WrestleMania, which in recent years has become just as big of a show as WrestleMania itself.

“The psychology behind the scenes in scripting the Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania is always a fascinating attempt to balance ‘IF you missed last night, here’s what you missed (so check out the replays, available exclusively on the WWE Network)’ against ‘now here’s what’s coming up at our next big event.’ You can’t spend three hours just recapping WrestleMania, but ignoring what happened the night before potentially mitigates the historic value of the events that transpired during WWE’s annual showcase. And let’s not forget, shareholders never care about “yesterday,” they are only interested in this quarter exceeding expectations, let alone the revenue and profit margin (and number of subscribers) from same quarter, last year.”