is featuring an interview with WWE star John Cena. Here are some of the highlights.

If his goals were just to be famous when starting in wrestling:
“No, no, my goal going into this business still hasn’t changed, and that’s to expand this business. And I think with everything that’s happened, the coming and going of championships and the different movies and all the different media outlets, I just want to increase our awareness. That’s my goal since I got here, and it’s what kept me going. Because if your goal is to just win a championship, then once that happens, you might have a lull where you don’t know what to do next. I just want to let people know that we have the greatest show on Earth.”

On his favorite thing about being a WWE superstar:
“The coolest thing to me, and especially now that our program is PG-friendly, and we advertise that to the hilt, but fathers and mothers come up to me and tell me to keep doing what I’m doing because I’m a good role model for their kids. The parents will give me the endorsement of, “You know what, my kid thinks a lot of things are cool, but this is one of the things that he thinks is cool that I’m really OK with because you’re a good, positive role model.” Honestly, you have no idea what that means to me. In this day and age, there have been some people in high-profile positions who maybe aren’t good with the fans or make bad career decisions. They just don’t realize that a lot of people are watching.”

If he has any interest in turning heel in WWE:
“That’s the thing, I’m one of those guys who on any given day can be booed out of any building. I’m the only guy who is neither a good guy or a bad guy. That’s because I’m genuinely myself. Certainly, guys in our industry try to sway the audience one way or the other, but like I said, I go out there and I’m me. I have certain things that I stand for, certain things that I believe in, and if you don’t like it and you tell me to go to hell, I think that’s your God-given right as a fan. It’s one of those deals where I’m that one guy who is outside of that realm of good guy, bad guy. I’m just me, and it elicits a response both positive and negative.”

On being thrown into a spotlight by Big Show on Pay Per View:
“It was completely real. I thought I broke my tailbone. I had spinal-fusion surgery on my neck a while back, and I actually had to get an MRI on both my hips and spine and also my neck. I thought my surgery had come undone. That was about as real as it gets. That one was tough for me. I still kept keeping on, and I didn’t miss any shows, but I was walking very gingerly for quite some time.”

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