Latest on Edge, Unified tag title plans

Although WWE released photos of Edge undergoing surgery on Tuesday morning in Birmingham, AL with Dr. James Andrews (you can view them at this link), the company has yet to issue anything new regarding his recovery and how long he is expected out of the ring.

PWInsider is reporting that people close to Adam “Edge” Copeland say his Achilles tendon surgery went well yesterday and he will be forced to stay off his foot for around 10 to 14 days. After that he will be allowed to start walking while wearing a rehabilitation boot and start rehab around that time.

The initial thought was that WWE wouldn’t acknowledge the injury until at least this coming weekend since Edge appears on Friday Night Smackdown this week and gets involved in the ring, but they decided against that. The next big question is where creative goes from here with Edge as a WWE Unified Tag Team Champion along with Chris Jericho and the two being scheduled for a title defense at Night of Champions between Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE had long-term plans for Edge and Jericho as a tag team as they had worked on mixing both men’s entrance music and created a dual video for the team. The company was also working to come up with a team name with some ideas being Team Ego and Team Rated Y2J.

The immediate reaction to Edge’s injury within the company was trying to figure out a way to get the belts on Rhodes and DiBiase. Of course, they shot TV before the injury and had Ted DiBiase Sr. announce as the special guest host of Raw that no title matches would be taking place until the Night of Champions PPV on July 26. So it puts them in an interesting situation with TV the next two weeks heading into the PPV. It should be noted that Ted Dibiase Jr. is currently suffering from a shoulder injury at the moment, but the belief is that it isn’t too severe and he was kept out of the ring at a few shows overseas in Australia as a result. The plan at one point within WWE was to have Edge come to TV and hand his belt over to Dolph Ziggler to give Ziggler a rub and a big push teaming with Jericho. However, plans always change in WWE and there have been multiple ideas between now and the next set of TV tapings this Monday and Tuesday so the plan with Ziggler could be off the table. There was also said to be talk of keeping The Colons (Carlito and Primo) together and editing off Carlito’s attack on Primo from Raw this past Monday, but those plans changed since they ended up airing it as is.

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