Bill Goldberg made an appearance after RAW went off the air last night in Orlando addressing his comeback following his loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday.

Our own Mike Tedesco provided a full recap of Goldberg’s promo in his RAW recap.

Here is an excerpt from the promo.

Goldberg says this isn’t part of the show. The facts are he was approached in October to make a return after thirteen years. There was a lot to think about: physical limitations, age, and desire. Goldberg says, “This ain’t no damn script. I’m speaking from my heart, so I would appreciate it if you’d listen.” They may have wanted that invincible son of a bitch from 13 years ago, but things have changed. He’s still that guy, but his focus is on his family now. As human beings, for the right reason, we can accomplish great things. He likes to think doing it for his family and the WWE Universe is the right reason. They gave him the opportunity after 13 years to show something they’ve never seen. The past few months have been an unbelievable ride to get the opportunity to show them a piece of what he used to do. You can boo or cheer him, but that little boy is the reason why his heart still beats. It’s the reason he wakes up every morning and goes to the weight room to drive his ass into the ground to be something he can be proud of. He thinks they accomplished what they set out to do and hopes his son appreciates the opportunities they’ve been given because it’s once in a lifetime. Goldberg says he loves his wife and son more than can be quantified. They proved it by him living in the gym, bathroom, and dinner table to be a glimpse of what he used to be. Goldberg’s wife and son are shown holding back tears.

Goldberg calls his son into the ring, and he falls. Goldberg says his son takes bumps, which is more than he took his entire career until last night. They can be a tough crowd, but as he said earlier, he’s speaking from his heart. This isn’t part of the show. Goldberg says he was able to take the Universal Championship to his son’s school. The pride he felt standing there was immeasurable. There is nothing that anyone on the planet can do to take that away from them. The crowd gives them a nice ovation. They can boo or cheer him – all it means is they care. That means he’s done something. Another “Goldberg” chant fires up. Goldberg kisses his son. This could possibly be the last time you see him in a ring. The crowd boos that. Some may appreciate it, but he’s here for his family. As long as they appreciate it, he’ll fight, push, train, and do whatever it takes to be him. 13 years removed from the debacle of WrestleMania XX, he and Brock did pretty damn good. A “YES” chant fires up. As he said, he still had a little glimmer of that Goldberg and gave him hope he could succeed. Since he still believes that he’s one of the biggest and baddest sumbitches on the planet, you never know what or who is next! Goldberg and his son bow before the crowd, and he puts his son on the second turnbuckle to pose. Goldberg then says, “One more thing: never say never.”