There is said to be some strong unhappiness regarding the drug testing in WWE recently and more specifically in the wake of what happened with Umaga (Eddie Fatu). While there has always been a problem with fines for smoking marijuana, the big issue seems to be with how legit the testing process is when it comes to some of the bigger stars in the company and if they are being excused. While there is no real evidence to indicate this actually took place, there was said to be some discussion among WWE talent in the last few months seeming to indicate that a big star failed a steroid test and that it was covered up. Others in the company who don’t feel it is true point to Jeff Hardy as an example of how a big star who was suspended just shortly before WrestleMania 24 in 2008 and that it doesn’t matter what spot you are in or how popular you are. Either way, it got people talking backstage and created some interesting conversations.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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