According to multiple media sources, WWE Unified Tag Team Champion Edge suffered an injury at last night’s WWE Smackdown/ECW house show event in San Diego, CA in a match with Jeff Hardy.

Around five minutes into the match Edge suffered what is believed to be at this point a torn Achilles tendon and the match was stopped immediately. WWE officials and EMTs rushed to his aid at ringside and Edge later apologized on the mic to the fans in attendance. The match itself really never got going as Edge and Hardy were taunting at each other in front of the crowd when the injury took place. Live reports from the show indicate that Edge may have planted his foot wrong as he came down causing the injury.

The injury is believed to be fairly serious and is something that would require surgery keeping him out of action for a long period of time. The rest of WWE’s Smackdown/ECW crew left first thing today for a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii in a tour that will continue on into this coming week in Japan and the Philippines. This injury obviously puts a dent in Edge as a Unified Tag Team Champion with Chris Jericho and plans are already said to be in play to get the belts off them. The company is also looking at footage from a match taped for next week’s Friday Night Smackdown between Edge and The Great Khali to try and find a spot where they could claim a storyline injury if the torn Achilles tendon ends up being the exact diagnosis for his injury.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

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