Vince McMahon and Batista exchange tweets

Vince McMahon sent a tweet to Batista (Dave Bautista) on Tuesday wishing him a happy 15th anniversary since his debut with WWE.

Batista, who just had a big weekend with the official premiere of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, thanked Vince in another tweet later that you can view below.

Post-Smackdown Live videos

Here are videos following last night’s Smackdown Live in London.


  1. How about congratulating Mr. Batista on being a part of the success of another major motion picture? 15 years since his WWE or F debut?!? My god, even anniversaries in the bizarro-world that is the WWE universe is weird!!!

  2. Well for what it’s worth I’ll do it. Congratulations Batista on another successful major motion picture–even if Michael Rooker did kind of steal the show. For all the negative publicity Batista gets, I’ve always been a fan of his.
    Or as Groot would say: I am Groot. =D

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