Highlights of Triple H Conference Call, WWE UK exclusive matches

conference call

Highlights of HHH conference call

WWE COO Triple H held a conference call with the wrestling media on Friday to promote tomorrow night’s NXT TakeOver: Chicago live special. The following is highlights from the call:

* Noted that Tommaso Ciampa sprained his ankle at the NXT live event on Thursday night in Kentucky, but the NXT Tag Team Title Ladder Match between #DIY and The Authors of Pain is still on. If Ciampa’s ankle worsens today, they will come up with an alternative.

* Praised Drew McIntyre leaving WWE to better himself before returning to NXT, noting that it was the best thing to ever happen to him.

* Said that the UK Special that airs on the Network later today is the next step into localizing that market, but that they are still taking their time in getting a weekly show off the ground.

* Brings up the upcoming Women’s Tournament and how they have found hidden gems. Numbers went from 16 to 32 and now they have to make tough decisions.

* Thinks that Hideo Itami will do well tomorrow night against Bobby Roode, but they will see what they need to do with him if it doesn’t work out.

* Praised the recent character vignettes for Roderick Strong and how telling his real-life story has helped him connect with the audience.

* Brings up that after the UK, there are other markets they would like to tap into, including Australia, China and South America.

WWE UK exclusive matches

WWE posted the following exclusive matches from the WWE UK TV tapings held earlier this month in Norwich, England that won’t air on the UK Network special airing later today.

Pete Dunne vs. Sam Gradwell

Wolfgang vs. Trent Seven