Jim Ross on Raw, Goldberg, Sid Vicious

Chris Kelly sent this in:

Jim Ross has a nice new blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are just some of the highlights:

– Got it confirmed Friday that I had to be in Green Bay for the commercial free Monday Night Raw, the first under ?new ownership? of Donald Trump. I have no idea why I need to be there or what Todd Grisham and I are going to do but it is what it is. For the record, getting into Green Bay via air isn?t as easy as one would think but that’s another story. It will be interesting to hear what the ?locals? have to say about their former QB Brett Favre’s current situation. Personally, I think it is too bad that he couldn?t have finished his ?run? with the Pack. I?m flying into lovely Chicago O?Hare and making a three hour or so drive to Packerland.

– Why did the ?Great American Bash? get its name changed to simply ?The Bash?? That one’s easy, to make it more Globally friendly.

– Goldberg has been a hot topic lately regarding Bill making a return to the ring. I haven?t spoken to the former Tulsa Edison football star in a long while but I think the wrestling ship has sailed for Goldberg. Bill was never a huge fan but with that said perhaps a huge payday for a one off event might entice the MMA aficionado to step back in the ring. My money is on Billy NOT getting back in a wrestling ring if forced to make a call.

– Same thing goes for Psycho Sid as many folks ask if he will ever return to WWE. I haven?t a clue but it would seem if Sid was going to return to WWE that he would have done so by now. However, I am blessed to not be in the talent relations department any longer so I don?t know what those types of plans are as a rule. Now if you have a BBQ question, I?m in.

– The upcoming Bash in Sacramento begins ?hell week? for the WWE TV crew as there will be the PPV on Sunday, followed by 2 Monday Night Raws in San Jose and two Raw Superstar bouts, ECW/SD/Superstar bouts in both Fresno on Tuesday and Bakersfield on Wednesday. Wow. Replace all the coffee urns with decaf or these back to back to back to back TV days could need Dr. Phil to drop by with his couch by the time this run is over.

– What changes will Donald Trump enact on his first night as ?Raw owner?? New look ring as in ropes, canvas, and turnbuckle pads?? Referees dressed differently for Raw? Will any one hear the magic worlds, ?You?re Fired?? Will Trump change the announcing duo? Highly unlikely but one never knows. Trump and Lawler do, however, have a great deal in common when it comes tot he fairer sex. ?Oh, My!?