Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan calls MITB finish “unacceptable”

WWE.com is featuring an article with a tweet from Daniel Bryan regarding the controversial finish to the women’s “Money in the Bank” ladder match on Sunday night that saw James Ellsworth climb up the ladder and pull down the briefcase for Carmella to secure the win.

Bryan will be appearing on Smackdown Live tomorrow for the first time since April.

Maria returns to WWE

WWE.com has an article up looking at the return of Maria Kanellis to WWE and the introduction of Mike Kanellis last night at Money in the Bank.

If you missed the segment, you can check it out below courtesy of WWE.


  1. The fans who booed and crapped on Ellsworth pulling down the briefcase were the same fans who chanted “We Want Rusev” and “CM Punk” during the Lana/Naomi match. Not a big fan of the cheap finish, but fans need to understand you cant have it both ways. Also realize Carmella is a heel. What do heels do? Cheat. How am I supposed to feel about heels? I am supposed to hate heels and now I have deep hatred for both Mella and Ellsworth. Mission accomplished.

  2. That so called chick Carmella is really a dude, it’s the transpocalypse, they are hiding trannies in front of your face! A dude helped another dude win the girls match, this is WWEvil at work!

  3. i’d say there’s a difference between Rusev coming in as a distraction, and someone actually actively getting in a match

  4. My point is the same fans that are crying about giving women a chance are chanting another person’s name during a women’s wrestling match. That is what I mean by you cant have it both ways.

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