Daniel Bryan

WWE Smackdown Live takes place tonight from Dayton, Ohio.

WWE.com is advertising the return of Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan and that he will be addressing the controversy involving the first ever women’s “Money in the Bank” ladder match from this past Sunday night in St. Louis.

No other matches or segments have been confirmed for the show as of this morning. Tonight will be the fallout from the Money in the Bank PPV.

Wrestleview.com will have live Smackdown coverage tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. ET.


  1. Unless they decide to have a proper re-match, I wouldn’t change anything cuz then it’s like…what’s the point?

  2. I still don’t understand why they couldn’t have just let Carmella get the title, while the other women were beating up Ellsworth or something. Ellsworth isn’t that important to anyone for him to be the focus of the storyline. Stephanie is supposedly all “pro woman,” yet the women’s MITB is overshadowed by a man.

  3. I think the match will be restarted as the main event this week, and Ellsworth will be barred.

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