We’ve had many readers send us follow up emails to report from earlier this morning at thislink regarding AJ Burnett and the WWE Championship.

John Bertollo sent this in: I guess the person who reported that doesn’t watch the Yankees that often…The deal with the WWE belt and the Yankees is after each games, the players vote amongst themselves who the “Player of the Game” is and that person is awarded the WWE belt for the night. It has been going on the entire season. In post game interviews, many players have referenced it and many players have been spotted wearing it during their post game interviews. So, it isn’t just A.J. Burnett… it’s whoever the Player of the Game is. Obviously, with a 15-0 Yankees win over the Mets, A.J. deserved it!

Louis DeStefano sent this in: Hi Adam, big fan of the site – Actually, the belt being on AJ’s locker has nothing to do with being a WWE fan. In the beginning of the year, Johnny Damon bought a replica WWE Belt and thought it would be cool to give the belt to the Player of the Game. So it gets passed around the Yankee clubhouse to the player who had the best game that day. Yesterday AJ pitched a shutout against the Mets. Therefore, he has the belt!!!

Jeremy Lamica sent this in: The New York Yankees pass the WWE Belt around to the player of game for each game. Just wanted to pass that along to you.