Championship rematch set for Smackdown

Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan announced on Twitter on Friday that a Smackdown Women’s Championship rematch is set for next Tuesday night.

This comes a week after Naomi successfully defended her title against Lana for a second time. The storyline is that Lana had her shoulder up during the pinfall.

Seth Rollins in movie

A trailer for the new WWE Studios film “Armed Response” featuring Wesley Snipes and WWE star Seth Rollins was released this week.


  1. Will not be time for a rematch. Here comes Carmella’s participation trophy. I will actually hope for interference from the turtle

  2. Lana gets the [participation trophy and can be announced as a former champ (like Fox). Then Carmella cleans her clock. The division is open to everybody. Why Lana ever got a first shot is an indictment of Daniel Bryan’s decision-making ability

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