Austin Aries

As reported by on Friday evening, WWE has come to terms on the release of Austin Aries effective July 7, 2017.

WWE issued the following statement.

“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Austin Aries. WWE wishes Aries the best in all of his future endeavors.”

No information about the release is known at this time.

Aries only issued the following tweets in the last hour.


  1. Now that Impacts old guard is back, he can go be a World Champion again over there.

  2. Yeah,even if he won a title there he would’ve been a mid-carder at best and never become a WWE Champion. It’s sad how WWE wasted him.

  3. No big loss. WWE doesn’t know what to do with talented wrestlers. Look at Dolph Ziggler. Hell, look at R-Truth! In Aries’ case though, I wonder if it was his attitude. He was known to be full of himself in TNA and would refuse to put people over.

  4. looking at his tweets it seemed that he wasn’t happy in the wwe. he’ll be GFW bound….

  5. Another great wrestler overwhelmingly happy to be free of WWE’s shackles of ineptitude. Good for him. I’m sorry those Worst Wrestling Ever booking idiots didn’t see what they had in him but if Austin is happy, I’m happy. Back to ROH or brrrrr…GFW/Impact I suppose.

  6. This guy ate a bannana and looked cool on wwe… wtf is wrong with wwe. Hope he goes to ROH or NJPW

  7. He always struck me as a guy who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, I have a feeling they don’t like that in Stamford!

  8. I suppose he could always go back there, but I get the feeling he doesn’t like the business as much as he used to.

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