AJ Styles

A surprising title change went down on Friday night when AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens to become the new WWE United States Champion.

It all went down at a Smackdown live event in New York City at Madison Square Garden. News of the title change immediately showed up on Twitter as you can see below.

We will have a full report from the MSG live event soon.


  1. What a day it’s been for pro wrestling. Dixie Carter is in WWE,Austin Aries has left the WWE and AJ Styles is the U.S. Champion.

  2. Makes me glad I cancelled my network subscription in May. Giving away title changes on house shows sounds like a throwback to the early 90’s WWF.

  3. A smiling spit in the face to AJ if you ask me. Having him win the title at an untelevised house show doesn’t show that much respect for Styles even if it was at MSG.

  4. I’m sure Styles is thrilled to add another title to his resume regardless of whether it was televised or not. Being at MSG is the icing on the cake for him.

  5. Since it is sort of going to eff up a televised storyline. It will be interesting to see whether or not they choose to acknowledge it on tv on Tuesday or if he drops it at another house show before then.

  6. Have you ever thought the reason they’ve been letting people like AJ.. Samoa Joe.. is to get attention for house shows? Like hey, you never know what’s going to happen. Show up! And it was Madison Square Garden. A place WWE has a rich history with. It’s only fitting that AJ, who clearly has a phenomenal future with WWE to win a title at one of the greatest arenas! And I’m sure we will see the match. We saw Joes match. We will see this one.

  7. I hate when people say AJ has a phenomenal future. He’s 40 years old. His career is winding down and only has a few years left.

  8. What a weekend it has/will be for TNA alumni when u add in Samoa Joe in the Main Event of a PPV for the Universal title.

  9. Very true. WWE needed to make him an offer back in 2010, not now. He can still do about 90% of what he could then, but your right, all these former TNA guys are almost 40 or over 40.

  10. True. I mean ex TNA talent will always be somewhat punished but Vince. I mean AJ had the title run last year, BUT, when it comes to the biggest show of the year, he’s demoted to facing Shane .ing McMahon. Really ridiculous!

  11. Right! Exactly what I said about that whole thing. Shane F*cking McMahon! For someone of AJ’s caliber?? Then be forced to make that gray-haired, nepotistic old bastard look good on top of that? F*cking ridiculous!! Bad enough they injected that undeserving @sshole into the Undertaker’s streak but making AJ, one of the world’s best workers, lower himself to wrestle him at WrestleMania? REALLY f*cking ridiculous!

  12. “Retards who think they’re smart because they read wrestling rumors, and in this case are so misguided that they need to vent what Styles should think and feel, on the internet are just that. Retards”

  13. Do you know how much Zack Ryder or Dolph Ziggler would give for a one on one match at Wrestlemania? It wasn’t a punishment, just a stupid decision because Shane wanted another match. It definitely wasn’t a punishment – he would have had a great payday.

  14. HBK had a pretty good last few years over the age of 40. Phenomenal doesnt always mean long. It just means we are still going to see him get better, much like HBK. He is going to retire with a lot left in the tank, like HBK did and it did him wonders

  15. I love how the IWC will constantly find things to piss and moan about. Instead of relishing in the fact WWE has given AJ Styles another title reign, they are more concerned over it happening at a house show. Newsflash people: WWE runs several house shows throughout the year so they have to continually build interest in them. How do you do that? Throw in a random title change because it shows anything can happen at house shows. If anything, it is another way WWE is showing trust and faith in the Phenomenal One. But of course that requires rational thinking and some people….

  16. A few years is not the future. John Cena was the future of WWE and he went for over ten years as the top guy. Roman Reigns is now being marketed as the top guy and he also has over 10 years of his career ahead of him (as do Rollins, Ambrose, Wyatt, Braun, Zayn, Owens). The “future” is long-term, AJ will only be around for another two or three years, sadly.

  17. HBK sure did. But he’d been performing in WWE for a long time. AJ Styles still feels like he’s only just arrived in WWE despite being 38 on his debut. As a family man who’s already had almost twenty years of a career behind him with no break, I don’t see him wrestling full time at 44 years old like Shawn did. He has two or three years left. That’s a lot of career WWE need to give Styles in just a few years for him to be Hall of Fame material. Like you, I’m hoping they make the best of his few years.

  18. It’s not about in ring ability as much about longevity. I remember reading an article on BleacherReport at the height of controversy that said Reigns should have won the 2015 Rumble over Daniel Bryan because Bryan was 34 and the general tone was that his career was winding down. (This was before we thought he was retiring or going to be out again)

    But if that’s what analysts think about 34 year olds in their prime, then I wonder what they must think of AJ Styles’ longevity.

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